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3 Home Decor Trends to Expect This Fall

3 Home Decor Trends to Expect This Fall

As much as we are fans of timeless style, we also love the here-and-gone trends that appear with every season. With Autumn quickly approaching, we could not help but wonder what interior design fads to expect for this upcoming season.

Below we have outlined a few of our favorite trends we will be anticipating this fall!

Adding Texture

With so much of this world being digital and 2-dimensional, 2017 is looking for a change. Textured rugs and fabric will bring a 3-D element to designs, and will invite guests to touch and connect with your home. We carry fabrics such as silk, velvet, and multi-textured options as well as hand-knotted, heirloom quality rugs to suit texture desires for any part of your home. Not only will a variety of composition appeal to the sense of touch, but also create an emotional sense of comfort, which will grow more enjoyable as the weather gets cooler.

Navy is the New Black

Navy black has always been a sophisticated alternative to black decor. Soon it will be the accent of everyone’s choice as it gives a modern twist to a classic style. Different room accents could include: beautiful trim, luxurious drapery, an accented rug. The possibilities are endless as we have thousands of styles, patterns, and pieces that could be added to any setting. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, one of our associates will be able to help!

Mix All the Patterns

Showing off your individual style will be easier than ever with this trend! With thousands of fabrics available online and in our store, it is nearly impossible to pick the same pattern-combination as anyone else.

This season, homes will take their statement pieces to the next level by adding mixed patterns. Whether it be an upholstered couch with contrasting pillows or patterned drapery with accenting trim, the term “go big, or go home” appears to be the motto for this upcoming season’s decor.

With every new season comes new trends, and we could not be more excited for autumn. If you need any assistance preparing your home for the upcoming season, please contact us online or visit our store today!

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