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3 Interior Design Mistakes You Avoid When Shopping at Lewis and Sheron

3 Interior Design Mistakes You Avoid When Shopping at Lewis and Sheron



Interior design mistakes are easy to make. One minute you are designing the perfect room in your head, and the next, nothing is going as planned. But, with a clear vision and the help of our associates at Lewis and Sheron, they can be avoided.  


Below we have outlined a few mistakes you won’t make when shopping with us!



  1. Mismatching Decor


Everyone has been there before: you have the perfect fabric to go with your decor, the only problem? It’s one shade off. Without a keen eye for color, it can be difficult to find different items that completely match. With the help of our design experts, you can always get a second opinion about whether a certain fabric is a right fit, or if there is another one in our store that would be more suited to your decor.  


  1. Falling for Unflattering Trends


More than once, the pictures on pinterest has deceived people into believing a custom, luxurious room can happen at the snap of our fingers, but realistically, it takes time, effort, and patience. Pinterest can also mislead consumers into believing trendy items can look good in any home, but that is only true if they fit with your existing style. Our associates have an eye for design, and are available to help you add the most stylish selections to your home.



  1. Not Showing Your Personality


Our store is home to thousands of the world’s most luxurious fabrics available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. We carry a majority of our fabrics in the front room. There are more selections in our Linen Loft as well as The Gallery. Each showcasing it’s own style that holds the possibility of fitting your own.  If there is any fabric, furniture, or rug you would like for your home, but it is unavailable in our store, our sales associates are always happy to order it for you!


Avoiding mistakes can be easily done when shopping the finest selections of fabrics, furniture and rugs in our store!  If you have any questions before visiting the store, please call or email us today!



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