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3 Reasons to Add Henry Dale House to Your Home

3 Reasons to Add Henry Dale House to Your Home




Finding wall decor that shows your individual style elegantly and professionally can be difficult. Atlanta-native and artist Henry Dale House offers a refreshing combination of high-fashion and design that can refine any home.


Below we have outlined why you may way  to add a piece of Henry Dale House art to your collection.


1. Unique Style


From a young age, Henry  visualized the muse centered in many of his pieces.


The sophisticated mixture of fashion, style and art in his paintings bring a sense of luxury to any room.  No matter which of the slender figures become a part of your decor, they're one-of-a-kind gaze with matching flair with stand out to your guests.


Below find several examples of his work to see what we mean!















2. Daring Aesthetics


Henry Dale House’s work can be described in many ways, but shy is not one of them; especially when it comes to his use of color. The mixture of black and white with bright pops of unlikely color is one we don’t see often in decor. Add the same energetic feeling to your designs with an addition of Henry Dale House to your wall.


Because many of his pieces use minimal, specific colors, pieces are easily able to adapt to any setting. Though many sketches contrast in appearance, the tone is the same. This allows multiple sketches to be placed together with timeless taste. Regardless of if the colors in the sketch match or conflict with surrounding decor, an amazingly tied-together room is guaranteed.



3. Support Local


As a four generation, family-owned business local to Atlanta, we are firm believers in supporting native artists. The sketches are limited edition with only a certain amount printed before being retired. With the addition of a Henry Dale House piece to your decor, you can always look at your work of art and admire its Atlanta origin as well as the piece’s rareness.



There are a million different reasons we could say why a piece of  Henry Dale House art should be added to your home, but only a limited amount of prints are still available. Lewis and Sheron is currently having a buy one get one sale on Henry Dale House sketches. Browse our online selections or visit our store to pick your perfectly poised piece today. BOGO in-store only.

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