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3 Reasons To Support Local Business with Lee Furniture

3 Reasons To Support Local Business with Lee Furniture



 1. It’s Local, made with pride in the USA


We are constantly sourcing the finest products in the world and it’s especially meaningful when we can find furniture, fabrics and materials that are made close to home. Crafted in the nearby state of North Carolina, LEE Industries is only a few hours drive from our store! This allows us to work close together to guarantee our customers quickly receive their favorite LEE items for their home.  


Though they provide products globally, Lee is able to do a majority of the work at home and even most of their suppliers for cotton, fabric, etc. are found there.  We can’t help but admire their dedication to locality!  Lee is also a big supporter of brick and mortar stores, and we are extremely honored to be one of the few loyal Authorized dealers. 


2. It's Handcrafted


Not only are they local, they’re also crafted by hand! The love, thought and old world techniques can be seen in their craftsmanship. Many of the finishing touches are done by hand guaranteeing a personal touch to your fine home furnishings.  It’s all about custom so now all you have to do is simply pick a sofa , chair or ottoman, and one of our fine fabrics to create your own personal masterpiece.





3. It’s Environmentally Conscious


It’s important to take care of Earth.  


Being one of four companies in the world titled Gold Exemplary Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council, LEE Industries has established themselves as leaders in the field of eco-friendly manufacturing. Creating furniture with more natural materials such as certified wood frames, recycled metal components, and organic and natural fiber allows for the same comfortable furniture at a lower cost on the environment.  


Though they’re innovating their process, LEE still provides the same durable quality furniture. Due to the longevity of their products, LEE prevents the need to replace furniture every few years, thus reducing the amount of furniture in our landfills, and ultimately, the size of our carbon-footprint.




It’s not hard to see why we love working with LEE Industries so much! That’s why we are your official stop for the LEE Loves Local event. February 11th-18th, you can receive 15% off all LEE furniture! Click here to start saving!  

how about office furniture

how about office furniture ? whether local businesses produce it

like a indonesian country 


<a href="">kursi kantor / office chair</a>

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