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3 Ways to Style Your Home Using an Ottoman

3 Ways to Style Your Home Using an Ottoman

Ottomans are seen as one of the most versatile pieces in the furniture world. Fitting in any space or design of a room, it is almost essential to complete any look.


Whether your home is delicate, fashionable, or family-oriented, find out how you can use your ottoman to put the final touches on your room.




If your house is regularly filled with guests, replace your old coffee table, and use a chic ottoman in its place! By having an ottoman with features such as a top that reverses into a tray, or adding a drink tray with decorative coasters on top, guests will understand this ottoman is not meant for feet, but instead objects. For a look like this, we suggest having it centered around the furniture you and your guests regularly sit at for it to be used properly, and even as a conversation piece.





Unlike a table, using an ottoman for decorative purposes strictly means a place where guests and others can put their legs or feet. If this is the style you are looking for, we suggest getting one that is made from durable materials, and dark or patterned fabric to avoid stains appearing easily.


Because this style is used mostly for relaxation, it’s location could vary based on the house, but a few common areas to put it are on the edge of a sofa, by a window, or on a screened porch.





Decorative and practical could almost be used interchangeably, but there is one big difference: storage abilities. An ottoman with the ability to store is perfect for a home that wants a decorative piece, but needs extra space for family items such as blankets, toys, etc. Its storage abilities prove its versatility, and when it comes to where to place this in the room, it can go anywhere!



No matter what the room is, an ottoman can be used as an extra boost of elegance, comfort, and style in any home. Be sure to visit our furniture showroom now through May 31st to receive 15% off  your ottoman or other furniture purchase!

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