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5 Fabric Colors You Need to Add to Your Decor This Fall

5 Fabric Colors You Need to Add to Your Decor This Fall

When thinking of fall, the word “comfort” comes to our mind. Sitting by the fireplace covered by a Libeco Home linen throw, and watching the leaves change with each passing day. If you are looking to add a sliver of this comfort into your decor, look no further!

Below we have outlined five of this season’s comfort colors that will add ease and style to your home!

Light Pink

When thinking of the beautiful fall colors, light pink is an unusual and rare answer to have. Nonetheless, we believe it is essential to this time of year because the soft, rose color gives a final reminder of the fading summer and promises a pleasant transition into autumn. Because it takes time for Atlanta to have cooler weather, light pink can stay a prominent color in your decor. Once the chill arrives, we suggest adding leather or metallic accents to transform it into a beautiful winter design.

Dark Green

Like the evergreens that never change, dark green is a color that represents sturdiness and the cold, yet when paired with the other trending fall colors, it relays warmth. Either as the primary or accent color in your home, a dark green will be the modern twist to any traditional look this season.

Bright Orange

As the standard color for Autumn, we expect bright orange to be everywhere this season! Adding the largest amount of warmth to the fall palette, it is the perfect way to show off your own warm, inviting personality throughout your home.

Navy Blue

As a staple for any season, navy blue is strong, and can be used to replace black as the go-to neutral. Because of this, it is perfect for year-round pieces. If you are one who does not like to change major sections of your decor regularly, we suggest adding this color into your home.


Like navy blue, grey is a go-to neutral that we often have customers add to their decor. Though this color can be a wonderful accent, it can stand on it’s own as the perfect upholstery for your pieces.

Whether you love participating in home decor trends, or prefer appreciate them from afar, it is clear these colors will be THE colors of Fall 2017. If you are interested in using fabrics consisting of these colors to transform your home into the trendiest one of the season, please stop by our store, or shop our luxurious fabrics online!

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