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Employee Spotlight: Litrell Troutman

Employee Spotlight: Litrell Troutman

Litrell Troutman is the Shipping and Receiving Manager for Lewis and Sheron.   Strong, detailed oriented and full of life, Litrell plays a huge role in making sure that what comes in and out of our doors is of the highest quality and standards.  For more than 25 years she has played an essential part in this team and we wanted you to hear why she chooses to work here, what gets her excited and what some of her favorite memories are at Lewis and Sheron. 


The longevity of employees seems to be a trend here.   What is it about your job that has made it so enjoyable for 25 years?

This job is no stress.  I love the peace of mind I have when I walk into work everyday.  Not because it is easy, but because the people I work with are positive, the work I do is consistent and there is room to grow.  


What makes it so peaceful?

Knowing that if I come into work every day and do my job to the very best of my ability that it will be recognized.  This company is strong, stable and a great place to work. 


What is your favorite memory at Lewis and Sheron?

I started 25 years ago in 1990.  I wasn’t married.  I didn’t have kids.  My life was all together different.  I have had so many memories both personally and professionally, but I would say that moving to our new location at The Hill was exciting.  The beautiful open space, offices and great location were a nice change of pace and a pretty exciting time.


What do you wish people knew about Lewis and Sheron that they may not know?

You do not work anywhere for 25 years because you don’t like the people you work for.  Working here is more than just receiving a paycheck.  It is about being a part of the family behind the company.  They are caring, kind, giving and open to their employees.  We work hard, and we are expected to work hard.  But there is also a level of understanding and respect that makes working for the family incredibly enjoyable. 

We enjoy working with Litrell and continue to look forward to creating even more memories with her.  Come back next month to meet more of the team at Lewis and Sheron!  

To learn more about Litrell, check out her Q&A HERE!      

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