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Everybody Loves a Cute Handbag!

Everybody Loves a Cute Handbag!

Ok, so I was browsing around on, perusing thru the different DIY projects she has on the site, when I came across this cute little summer bag. Immediately, I found myself looking around the office taking inventory of our materials to see what was needed to construct this awesome summer accessory.


Below, you’ll find the materials as I found them on the site, along with the directions. I made a few adjustments to the materials, as I was using left over fabric here at the store. I’ll be sure to point out how those adjustments affect the instructions as they come up. Either way, however, what turned out was a cute new addition to a fun summer wardrobe!








1. Ultrasuede fabric or felt (I substituted this for a cotton and a woven fabric for the outer and inner parts of the purse)
2. Scissors
3. Heat-n-Bond Paper or Therm-O Web (I found that the Heat-n-Bond UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive works the best and is easiest to apply)
4. Iron
5. Press cloth
6. ½ inch wide wooden Chisel
7. Hammer
8. Yard Stick
9. (2) wooden purse handles












1. Cut 2 rectangles from the fabric, or fabrics, of your choice. The should measure approximately 18” x 32”.

2. On the wrong side of the first rectangle, center a piece of the Heat-n-bond with the paper side facing upward. Using a preheated iron (set to medium heat with no steam) fuse the Heat-n-Bond to the fabric.

3. Let them cool and remove the paper backing from the adhesive.

4. Lay the other rectangle on top of the adhesive so that the correct side of the fabric is facing away from the adhesive.

5. Using a press cloth (so as not to damage the correct side of your fabric) glide your iron across the fabric to fuse it to the adhesive just as you did the first. Allow the material to cool.

6. If you’re using a fabric other than ultrasuede or felt, you’ll have to deal with fraying edges. In this case, you’ll want to use Mod Podge along your edges to secure them from fraying and falling apart. Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely before moving on.

7. Use your wood chisel and hammer to insert perpendicular slits in the fabric along the lengthwise edge. Slits should occur every inch along the lengthwise edge on the ½ inch mark. Also, start them about a ½ inch down from the edge. A utility knife may also be used for this.

8. Using your remaining fabric, cut a strip that measures ½” x 17”. (I actually cut my strip to measure 1” x 18”. I then placed a piece of Heat-n-Bond hem tape along one side of my strip, folded the strip in half and ironed it down to create my tying piece).

9. Thread your strip through the cut slits. Pull the strip to gather the fabric toward the middle and tie the strips to the purse handles.

10. To make your knot, put the strip through the hole at the front of your purse handle. Wrap the end of the strip around and overlap itself in the front. Rethread the strip through the hole in the back of the handle to the front, and push it down through the loop you created. Pull strip to tighten it and you’re done!


By Leslie A Woods

Couldn't help but notice the

Couldn't help but notice the name of one of your new fabrics - "Dothraki" !  Somebody at the fabric mill is a Game of Thrones fan!  Must be hard to come up with new names for fabrics!  : )

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