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Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Bedroom

Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Bedroom

Finding the right rug can make all the difference when trying to tie your bedroom together. The hunt for the perfect rug takes a lot of consideration, planning, and time. Ideally, the rug should be both functional and fashionable; the right rug will anchor your space, provide a well-balanced feel to the room, and still be practical enough to handle the occasional mess. Lewis and Sheron offers bedroom rugs in a variety of shapes, styles and colors so you can easily find the rug you need to put the finishing design touches on your bedroom.

Below we have outlined a few ways we help our customers find exactly what they’re looking for!


If you are unsure about what size you would be interested in for your room, ask the following question: are you looking for a an accent to your bedroom decor, or a statement piece that ties it all together?

The size of the rug and your bedroom furniture will determine how much of the rug is seen and how the room looks. One to make the room look bigger, keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed.


Choosing the right style always depends on personal preference and balance. Lewis and Sheron offers a wide selection of rugs that fit any style of home.

When choosing your style, it is important to blend with the pre-existing decor. If your bedding and wall decor consists of solid colors, we suggest a livelier rug with pattern. Whereas if your bedroom accessories are busy, a knotted, neutral rug would be a perfect compliment.


Besides color and style, we carry rugs in a variety of materials. While shopping our selections it is important to consider how much foot traffic your rug will see. Luckily, bedrooms do not see much foot traffic, so delicate and solid colored rugs are practical to use. In spaces that see substantially higher foot traffic, such as a living room, we would suggest browsing the rugs from our more durable selections.

Lewis and Sheron offers the world’s finest handmade, heirloom rugs perfect for any home. Stop by the store now through May 20th and enjoy $100 off your rug purchase!

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