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Creative Director - Stacey Sheron

Creative Director - Stacey Sheron

Now that we know the difference between Designers and Decorators, let’s move on to jaw dropping design. There are rooms that make you sigh; and then there are rooms that make you gasp. I’m talking about those rooms that make you really gasp. I introduced you to StaceAge a few weeks ago, but I want to really dive in this week; give you a little background on the reason I flat line for a few moments every time I get to see the visual smorgasbord. The person behind StaceAge is Stacey Sheron, part owner of Lewis and Sheron Textiles. I’m not going to get all gushy and go on about Stace, ‘cause everyone knows I’m biased, I’ve been sipping the Kool-Aid for over a century, and I need you to be a believer not because I sell well, but because you too have been hypnotized by her wicked wicked ways. That’s a great way to describe her design. #Wicked When I see a room that Stacey has done, I make that face you make when you see someone getting a serious smack down. That “Oooooohhhhh!” where you wrinkle your nose and say “That was NASTY!!” Yup, that pretty much sums up Stacey’s design esthetic. Don’t believe me? Just watch…

What? Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah… I tried to tell you. It’s just well planned. It’s like a bunch of jewel thieves ransacked an ancient Italian, Moroccan, and Greek Palace and brought it all back to the pied piper of design, Stacey Sheron. Everywhere you look it’s deliberate. Some glamorous, some dramatic, some witty, some sarcastic, but all so good. So very very wicked. The homeowners have acquired some really unique pieces along their travels. It was only fitting that someone like Stacey was brought in to proper maestro. The way she makes each surface sway and crescendo like the Mississippi Mass Choir and then the furniture, oh the furniture. Le sigh... Le gasp… The furniture delivers the best sermon that Heaven can send down. Shall I expand?

For instance, in this lovely butler’s pantry Miss Sheron hung copper wallpaper. Easy you say? Well hold up wait a minute let me put some bass in it. She patina-ed it. What is that? It’s when metal oxidizes and forms a green layer. And in this case its pure shamrock and a pot of gold. Lacquered walls, hand painted floors, the list of OMG’s grows with every turn. Versace dinnerware, gilded trim, vintage crystal chandeliers. Lions tigers and bears, oh my! I mean literally, statues, gilded. The vibrant colors grab you like a mushroom trip in the ’70’s. You want to wrap yourself up in it and swing from its rafters.

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This is good design. This is calculated, pondered, mulled over, tested, dreamed about, well planned and well played. The champion of interior artistry. A delightful menagerie of old and new. People who live like this must have tons of adventurous stories to tell, they must have traveled the world five times over. They definitely have a sense of humor. It makes you feel as if you know these people, and if not, you want them to be your best friends.

That is what a great designer does. They bring the family into the design. When you walk in a home and you instantly get a feel for the homeowners the mission has been completed. There are well put together rooms, rooms that flow, but do you really get the feel that you understand the people that dwell there? That is a task not easily accomplished. Stacey Sheron does it with ease, (or at least she makes it appear that way.) 

Walking through this house is like a dream. When you leave, you are like “Did I really just see that? When can I go back?” And then you are slapped in the face of reality that this is not a public place but a private home you will probably never get to see again.

I will not keep going on about StaceAge and Stacey Sheron. You get how I feel about it. I promise this will be the last time I gush and bubble over in adoration. I just needed you to be informed on the foundation of the people that sell you fabric. They do take a lot of consideration into the pieces they sell. They are professionals, they accept nothing but the best and they treat everyone with the utmost of care. You may not be able to find Stacey in the store everyday but you will find traces of her around every corner. Come through the store, get creative, dream a little dream and Lewis and Sheron will help you make your wishes come true.

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