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The Importance of Hiring an Interior Designer

The Importance of Hiring an Interior Designer

Looking to show your style through your home decor, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? What you need is an Interior Designer! With their years of training and natural eye for decor, they turn every house they touch into a personalized haven.

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with one of our favorites, Leah Meyer Perez from Leah May Interior Design, and discuss the importance of hiring professional help.

Let’s see what she had to say...

Who or what inspired you to become an Interior Designer?

I grew up in Ohio, but had an aunt and uncle who lived in the Atlanta metro area. My family and I would vacation here every summer.  I fell in love with the history and architecture, which made me originally want to be an architect until my high school art teacher introduced me to interior design.  When I discovered I was able to work pretty fabrics, art AND space planning, I was hooked! It has been a passion of mine every since.

What is your signature style?

I would call my style European Farmhouse which is basically an eclectic mixture of rustic  farmhouse and classic french styles with a touch of industrial.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?  

It’s different for every project; I always try to pull from something the homeowner already has such as collectibles from travels or their hobbies.

What are a couple of questions you’d ask to discover your client’s requirements?

It’s important for me to find out what’s important to my client so I always ask which out of the following three is most important to them: saving time, saving money or quality product.  This helps in determining the budget as well as which manufacturers I’ll source from.

I also always ask them where they shop when they buy furniture/accessories and what their favorite design show is (if they have one).  These two questions help me determine which style(s) they are most drawn to.

How much time does a typical project last?

Let’s say I’m designing 1-3 rooms, it could take anywhere from 3-6 months depending how much furniture they need and where it’s coming from. It also depends on how many custom items are involved, I’ve had a project take 9 months due to custom items.  

What piece in your portfolio is a staple for every home?

I think every home needs a piece of furniture or accessories that have some age to it.  I love antique, primitive “found” objects that make you question its history and where it came from. Who owned and loved this before me?  Those kind of pieces make my heart sing.

What do you need to consider when designing?

I think function is probably the most important element in design. They taught us “function over form” in design school.  I can make something look pretty all day long but if it doesn’t function in the space well, then I haven’t done my job as a designer.

How do you keep up with industry changes?

I can’t (laughs). But seriously, design trends are constantly changing. I honestly stay away from trends as much as I can.  I like to design with classic elements that will stand the test of time.

Are there any interior design styles you currently favor/dislike?

Although I love European Farmhouse design, I have to say I can appreciate many different design styles, Classic Contemporary being one of them. However, I pray ultra traditional design never comes back along with Hollywood Glam.  

Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Leah!

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My favorite store!!!

My favorite store!!!

Lewis & Sheron is my favorite

Lewis & Sheron is my favorite fabric/design store in the country, and I live an hour from Manhattan, NY! I literaly plan trips to Atlanta around going to L&S to shop!

Thank you so much! We look

Thank you so much! We look forward to your next visit to the store!!

I love LS! 

I love LS! 

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for commenting! Please let us know if you need assistance with anything! 

I do love Classic

I do love Classic Contemporary styles too! I have bought fabric from L&S too as they have amazing styles for every taste.


We apprciate your comment!

We apprciate your comment! Please let us know if you need any assistance with your Classic Contemporary designs!

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