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How to Decorate Your Home Using an Area Rug

How to Decorate Your Home Using an Area Rug

At Lewis & Sheron, we know a thing or two about rugs! Though they are usually seen as just an accessory, they are what give your bare floors a quick and easy makeover, and can be the final piece that ties your room together.

With our designer tips in mind, you will be able to make your rug the soul of your room!

Matching Your Lifestyle

When choosing a rug, it is important to keep your lifestyle in mind. If your home contains children and pets, your area rug will be more susceptible to wear and tear. In this case, a rug that is patterned or made of a durable material would be a great choice because it would last longer and be able to hide stains easier.

Kate Spade rugs_Atlanta_LewisandSheron

The Kate Spade (photographed above) and natural (photographed below) rugs are excellent rugs for a high-traffic area not only for their impeccable style, but also for their camouflage capabilities.


If your rug will be placed in a bedroom or dining room setting then we would advocate for the use of a more delicate rug with less pattern (Photographed below). Because these areas typically see less foot traffic, your heirloom rug will maintain its pristine look.  


Finding the Right Size

Before shopping for a rug, it is important to measure the room it will be in. The rug should not cover the entire room, but it should not be too small either. Depending on your layout, the floor should act as a border or assistant to the decor. A general rule for the perfect area rug size is it should be slightly smaller than the areas that are covered by furniture that way it supports the placement of the furniture and gives the room movement.


Breaking Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to have fun while decorating! We offer rugs in different colors, materials and patterns that could easily add something unexpected such as a jolt of color to your room. Many decorators suggest using a bold rug when designing with neutral colored walls and furniture to create a focal point for your room.

In the photo below, the rug compliments the neutrality of the sofa as well as the dark blue in the trim. The colors of the trim and rug do not clash because a secondary color in the rug (navy blue) was used to highlight the furniture.


Overall, rugs can be used for many purposes: unifying the colors of your room, creating focal points, or just preventing cold feet, but whatever your reason, you’ll be able to do it well with our selections of hand-knotted rugs!

Make sure to visit our store and shop our variety of heirloom and handmade rugs today!

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