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How to Highlight Your Home With Trim!

How to Highlight Your Home With Trim!

Though it is often overlooked, trim can have a dramatic effect on a room.

Tricking eyes to highlight certain areas of a room as well as set the tone and character, trim can be a part of drapery and upholstery design, or outline the accent pieces around your home. We can easily think of trim as a frame; outlining and enhancing the pre-existing beauty of your decor. With it’s array of options you can find the perfect trim to give a room balance, definition, and color proportion.

As with any part of choosing new home decor, one must determine the end goal: the impression of the room. Relaxed or exciting? Sleek or rustic? Casual or formal?

Learn how you can add a few finishing touches to your home with our trim selection!

Same Color Trim

For a contemporary look, we suggest using trim that is the same color as the furniture piece it will rest on to easily blend together. In the photo below, the chair is a beautiful, bright yellow and the designer used the same colored trim to highlight the pattern in the accent pillow. This gives the room a refreshing, unified look, and prevents the design from becoming chaotic.

Design tip: When designing in open floor layouts, keep the trim style and color consistent for a cohesive look.

Pattern Play

For a more modern look like the one below, we encourage home decorators to maintain traditional aspects by using solid colors as the main piece. To add a modern twist, we suggest using patterned trim to highlight solids and patterns! The patterned trim used below is a great example as it highlights the neutral blush of the drapery, the pink in the patterned pillow, and complements the blue side table. That’s what we call a triple threat!


Going Dark

If you are looking for a more dramatic look, designers have grown to use light fabric and dark trim to make an effectively BIG statement. Not only does dark trim easily catch the eye, but it also contrasts beautifully with many of today’s popular room colors like many soft blues, and large varieties of green and grey.  

In the photo below, the drapery is a neutral linen that does not do much to catch the eye. But, because the designer added the wide blue trim, it instantly adds statement while tying the room together.

Though it may be a small part of decor, trim can make a huge difference when added to a home.

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