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How To Pattern Play With Kate Spade by Kravet

How To Pattern Play With Kate Spade by Kravet

Mixing patterns is nothing new in the interior design world. But, the idea recently had a refreshing transformation thanks to Curiosities by Kate Spade New York for Kravet. With playful sophistication, the Kate Spade-inspired patterns invite the designer to think outside the box and dare to branch out while designing.  

Discover our favorite pattern combinations and inspire your designs!

  1. Same Color, Different Patterns

Some interior designers frown upon using too much of the same color when designing a home. But, using a variation of the same color as well as patterns will allow eyes to stay entertained, but not get overwhelmed.

When picking patterns, it is important to add a variety of big, medium and small decoration so they do not compete with each other. The pink and grey fabrics (photographed below) are a perfect example of a pattern play. Not only do the colors coincide, but the patterns range in size, each getting bigger than the next.

2.  Minimal Similarities

When it comes to designs with minimal similarities, the design could be something as subtle as the colors used, to something as obvious as the patterns. A majority of people make their main similarity the color palette.

In this Kate Spade layout, the colors: navy blue, hot pink, and an orange hue are clearly the focus. None of the patterns are the same, but because the colors coordinate and there are two solid textiles, the design is able to create a beautiful palette.

3. Simply Solid

If you do not like a lot of patterns in your designs, we suggest using one solid color, and using several patterns in the same color as accents around it. This gives an overall theme with room for play- which any Kate Spade fan loves plenty of.

Because the solid red is used more in this photo rather than the patterns, the fabric takes precedence and attracts the eye, and the patterns support it.

There are so many techniques for pattern play! If you are unsure of how to decorate your home using our selection of Kate Spade fabrics, please visit our store, and our associates would be more than happy to help!

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