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How to Prep Your Home for Summer

How to Prep Your Home for Summer

Summers in Atlanta are notorious for the triple-digit temperatures and unbelievable humidity. This requires Atlanta homes to stay cool and refreshing for homeowners after a day in the heat. Luckily, we carry the finest Belgian linens available, Libeco Home! Discover how you can use the high end linen and linen products to keep your home cool and stylish this season!


Living Room


Linen is a timeless and versatile textile that fits every style of room. Though it is mainly seen as an accessory for beach-styled homes, it is also common to see in any home that endures warm weather. Because of it’s “breathable” texture, it is a natural cooler that refreshes the body when it is hot, as well as keeps it warm during cold seasons. Adding a Libeco Home towel as an accessory on your living room furniture will instantly add immaculate grace to your decor, and can be kept as decor throughout multiple seasons!



Window Treatments


Linen has an abundant amount of attributes, one being it is great at keeping its shape and draping well. Whether you are looking for crisp Roman Shades, or more delicate drapery, the versatility of linen allows it to fill many different window treatments within a home and gives opportunity for luxury and personal style to go hand in hand. If there is any Libeco Home drapery styles you are interested in that you cannot find in our store, we offer the ability to order it for you!





A brutal part of summer is tossing and turning in uncomfortable sheets every night. Libeco Home eliminates that issue with soft, refreshing bed linens that include pillows, sheets, duvets and more that come in a variety of beach-inspired colors including crisp whites, warm neutrals and fun, year-round patterns. Visit our store today to see our display bedroom set and feel the fine Libeco Home textiles and products today!


Beat the heat in every part of your home this year with new, luxurious linens from Libeco Home! Shop our Belgian Linen selections online, or in-store today!

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