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Lewis and Sheron’s Guide to Linen

Lewis and Sheron’s Guide to Linen

One of the world’s oldest and most versatile fabrics still remains one of the most popular to use in homes and fashion. Whether you are a novice or long-time enthusiast, our fabric experts have created the ultimate guide to understand and decorate with linen!

Let’s see what they had to say!

What is Linen?

First, we wanted to start with the basics and explain what and how linen is made. The finest linens such as Libeco Home are derived from the Belgium/France area, and begins as a weed (the flax plant). Though this may seem disdainful, it allows farmers to grow the plant naturally without pesticides or chemicals! Once the stalks are collected, they go through a grooming phase where they are stipped and become almost hair-like, and finally threaded into the linen fabrics we know and love!

Why Use Linen?

Though we could go on for days why everyone should have linen in their home, we’ve outlined a few of our favorites:

Antimicrobial: For many, allergies determine which fabrics can enter your home, but because linen is a weed, bugs are not interested in eating or living in it. Plus, linen’s incredible absorbency prevents it from becoming mildewy!

Durable: If you have a family or host guests often, we would suggest making your loved pieces in linen. It is one of the strongest, most durable textiles in the world. In fact, American money is 25% linen to maintain its shape no matter how many wallets it goes in.

Eco-Friendly: Linen has a huge, positive impact on the earth. Because of it’s amazing attributes, hardly any irrigation, pesticides or energy is needed to grow flax which will later become linen.

Where Should Linen Be Used?

EVERYWHERE! Whether you are looking to reupholster your sofa, shopping for new bedding, or looking to add new decorative pillows to your decor, we will always suggest using linen as the fabric. Visit our Linen Loft now to shop bedding, pillows, blankets and more!

Our in-store Linen Loft contains everything you need to add Libeco Home, Venice and other luxurious linens to your home. Please feel free to stop by and shop our in-store selections or visit us online! Now through February 10th receive 15% off all linens; use code: LUSHLINENS to receive this deal online.

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