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American Family Owned & Operated for 4 Generations!

Stories With The Sheron's

Stories With The Sheron's

We are continuously amazed by the outpouring of support we receive from the community.  For more than 70 years, we have provided fabric to hundreds of thousands of individuals, businesses, restaurants, theatres and more.  What started out as an establishment to sell cloth for dresses has turned into much more, and we continue to embrace our commitment to provide you with the best possible options for fabric, furniture and other home décor essentials.    

 With every great story, comes a courageous person spilling all of the details.  Someone who has been there from the very beginning, living through the ups and downs and inspiring us with their ability to take such a big risk.  In this behind the scenes blog series, we are going to sit down with members of the Sheron family who continue to play a key role in the family business.  First up, we have Bobbi Sheron, Vice President and Chief Buyer telling the story of the beginning of Lewis and Sheron Textiles Company through her eyes.  Take a look!                                

Bobbi's Take



In 1944 Lewis and Sheron opened to sell dress fabrics, but my story does not really begin until 1985.  A few years prior, I married my husband, Larry.  He was very sharp, young, fun and great in the finance department.   A friend of his, who was an upholster, asked him to build a fabric store next to his upholstery store.   Larry jumped at the idea as there was really nothing like it in Atlanta.   Eager to get things started, we quickly secured the location and started small purchasing piece goods from about 20 – 30 vendors and testing the climate of the market.  


It was fascinating. 


People loved the store, the concept and the ability to touch, feel and look at a wide range of fabrics.  This was just not something people had so readily available at the time at such an affordable rate.  We started to become more and more popular as people learned about us through word of mouth.  Four years in and there was already a need to expand.     


It was such an exciting time.   Larry and I really did everything by the seat of our pants.  He had a background in the fabric industry of course from his family, but this was still such a huge undertaking.  We had no one to really compare things to, but being young, eager and anxious allowed us to learn quickly and adapt to necessary changes without a second thought.   


As we continued to set goals, test the market and immerse ourselves in our work, we knew we wanted our customers to have two key takeaways when they left our store! One, that we were incredibly friendly and consistent in providing stellar customer service.  And two, that we were affordable.  These principals continue to stand the test of time and what we instill in each and every one of our employees.   


Through the years, there are always many changes.  The economy is up and down and you have to learn to weather any storm.   But so many accomplishments and achievements have been made because of the community.    Years ago, it was so exciting to be flipping through the Atlanta Magazine and see that we (Lewis and Sheron) were one of the top 25 home grown businesses in the entire city.    We are in great hands here in Atlanta and have really been able to provide our services all across the country.   My continued hope is that we provide every customer with the home décor essentials they need to incorporate comfort and style into their home, and, that the people they encounter in our store do all they can to make their shopping experience pleasant.   


Thank you for your dedication to our store!  We hope that we continue to meet your needs. 




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