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Tips On Successfully Decorating Your Home with Winter Whites

Tips On Successfully Decorating Your Home with Winter Whites

Going for an all white look in your home can be a bit intimidating.  We often find people wanting to usher in the wintertime with a new clean look for a living room or family room, and deciding to go for that all white feel.  It is a bold move! You can’t have too much white because you don’t want it to look sterile, but then you can’t add too much color because you don’t want it to look thrown together.  But don’t worry, with the right direction and a bit of balance you can create a white room that will wow. 


We’ve provided a few tips below to help you usher in those winter whites with confidence and style.    


 Winter Whites

Use different shades and styles of white fabric

-     Believe it or not, white fabric has so many different underlying faint hints of color.  You must make sure you choose a white that fits with your room.  And not just color but texture too.  Is cotton going to be the best feel?  Do you want white leather of particular pieces?  Do the shades match the walls and the feel of your particular room?  Starch white, is not the only option so make sure you take an inventory of the room and figure out what fabrics will create the look you are going for.



Neutral TonesUse neutral tones to add warmth  

-     If you don’t want to add too much color, but don’t want to make the room feel sterile, find some neutral or light brown tones that will provide warmth and give your room a welcoming feel. 





Pops Of Color

Create contrast by adding pops of color throughout the room.  Throw in a colorful rug or add a throw to break up the white.  

 -     Rugs and throws are a great way to create a bit of contrast without looking like you are trying to hard.   This will also help with adding warmth to the warmth to the room as the rug will most likely play off of the neutral tones you bring in. 





Add texture to the room by adding a casual wooden table or putting up objects on shelves that provide an extra dimension or point of focus for the room.   

 -     We are biased; we love a white room with strong elements of wood.  Maybe it is because we sell repurposed wood in the store or maybe it is because we like a rustic feel, but adding texture to the room is incredibly important and easy to do with a few wood elements. 




Having white in your home is beneficial and useful long after winter ends. An all white room provides you with options all year round as you can easily change up the look and feel to complement every season.   


Make sure to stop by and check out our many different shades and textures of white to create a look you will love for that special room in your home!







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I am going to try this - but

I am going to try this - but with my office - the only place that my boys are not allowed to bring food.  A nice light color scheme would be perfect!!

I wish I didn't have a dog

I wish I didn't have a dog sometimes so I could have an all white house, I love the idea about using different textures as elements of design within the "white wash" of everything. 


I love using white especially

I love using white especially in winter time in my dining room to create a winter wonderland with crystal candle holders and silver vases with pearls and wnite rose petals adding bling. My granddaughter says it looks like "Frozen".

I LOVE the look of the

I LOVE the look of the natural woods contrasting with the crisp white. It is the perfect backdrop to any pop of texture. Glad white is getting the credit it deserves! 

Great tips!

Great tips!

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