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Total Result: 138

AddieAddie$24.98 per yardAddisonAddison$15.98 per yardAdelaideAdelaide$12.49 per yardAdelaide HARAdelaide HAR$21.89 per yardAdelleAdelle$29.98 per yard
AkitaAkita$26.25 per yardAlfonsoAlfonso$24.98 per yardAlfonsoAlfonso$24.98 per yardAlfonsoAlfonso$24.98 per yardAmar 42516Amar 42516$18.73 per yard
Amar 42516Amar 42516$18.73 per yardAnethystAnethyst$14.98 per yardAnethystAnethyst$14.98 per yardAnkaraAnkara$24.98 per yardArboretum Blue Floral Print FabricArboretum$29.98 per yard
Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves$24.98 per yardAvalon ToileAvalon Toile$29.98 per yardBaccaBacca$30.00 per yardBarcelonaBarcelona$17.50 per yardBellisBellis$35.00 per yard
BellisaBellisa$30.00 per yardBernadineBernadine$25.00 per yardBernadineBernadine$25.00 per yardBernadineBernadine$25.00 per yardBertinaBertina$19.98 per yard
BethelBethel$19.98 per yardBetsyBetsy$16.98 per yardBlaireBlaire$21.98 per yardBlossomBlossom$35.00 per yardBlossom FestivalBlossom Festival$35.00 per yard
Bora BoraBora Bora$30.00 per yardBoydenBoyden$55.00 per yardBoydenBoyden$55.00 per yardBrandyBrandy$24.98 per yardBrandyBrandy$24.98 per yard
Brisbane 4769Brisbane 4769$62.50 per yardBrissacBrissac$24.98 per yardBronteBronte$24.98 per yardBusun 42511Busun 42511$24.98 per yardCalhounCalhoun$25.00 per yard
CecileCecile$35.00 per yardChilvers 21085Chilvers 21085$18.73 per yardClaribel A CHE.00Claribel A CHE.00$35.00 per yardCottinghamCottingham$26.25 per yardCottinghamCottingham$35.00 per yard
CotwayCotway$25.00 per yardDaraDara$35.00 per yardDartmouthDartmouth$24.98 per yardDartmouthDartmouth$24.98 per yardErringtonErrington$35.00 per yard
FernFern$24.98 per yardField Of DreamField Of Dream$12.49 per yardFiled Of DreamsFiled Of Dreams$12.49 per yardFiled Of DreamsFiled Of Dreams$12.49 per yardFinleyFinley$12.49 per yard
First HomeFirst Home$14.99 per yardFlorabundaFlorabunda$24.98 per yardFlorabundaFlorabunda$24.98 per yardFlorida BotanicalFlorida Botanical$24.98 per yardFlorida BotanicalFlorida Botanical$24.98 per yard
Florida BotanicalFlorida Botanical$24.98 per yardGainsboroughGainsborough$60.00 per yardGlendaGlenda$21.98 per yardGlenda 2Glenda 2$24.98 per yardGlobal Style MEGlobal Style ME$22.50 per yard
GlossGloss$19.98 per yardGorgeousGorgeous$29.98 per yardGranducaGranduca$21.98 per yardHammond MNATHammond MNAT$29.98 per yardIsabellaIsabella$25.00 per yard
JoseyJosey$29.98 per yardJoseyJosey$29.98 per yardJoseyJosey$29.98 per yardJuliana-FlaxeJuliana-Flaxe$29.98 per yardJulie-CircaJulie-Circa$24.98 per yard
KeatonKeaton$17.50 per yardKeepsakeKeepsake$12.49 per yardLaurelLaurel$9.99 per yardLaurelLaurel$40.00 per yardLaurelLaurel$40.00 per yard
LaurelLaurel$40.00 per yardLaurelLaurel$40.00 per yardLawrence/HarLawrence/Har$24.98 per yardLe JardinLe Jardin$14.99 per yardLe JardinLe Jardin$22.49 per yard
Leaf For EverLeaf For Ever$24.98 per yardLooping AroundLooping Around$30.00 per yardLuxurianceLuxuriance$25.00 per yardMalawiMalawi$24.98 per yardMalindi FloralMalindi Floral$9.99 per yard
ManetteManette$18.74 per yardMcKennaMcKenna$24.98 per yardMcKennaMcKenna$24.98 per yardMcKennaMcKenna$24.98 per yardMcKennaMcKenna$24.98 per yard
MillieMillie$24.98 per yardMirahMirah$25.00 per yardMirahMirah$25.00 per yardMondalaMondala$22.50 per yardMonterosaMonterosa$30.00 per yard

Florals: Brings the garden inside the home and can be used to create a vintage or cottage look, or traditional or contemporary. These patterns are often the jumping off point or focus of the room design.