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Akiran Blue Geometric FabricAkiran$35.00 per yardAlbertaAlberta$45.00 per yardAlbertaAlberta$45.00 per yardAmazedAmazed$25.00 per yardAnthony DEV2172Anthony DEV2172$35.00 per yard
Anthony DEV2172Anthony DEV2172$35.00 per yardAnthony DEV2172Anthony DEV2172$35.00 per yardAnthony DEV2172Anthony DEV2172$35.00 per yardApollo 37416Apollo 37416$45.00 per yardAries 37392Aries 37392$40.00 per yard
Azteca VJ1004Azteca VJ1004$22.50 per yardAzzaro P7741Azzaro P7741$20.00 per yardBebe ClubBebe Club$40.00 per yardBebe ClubBebe Club$40.00 per yardBebe ClubBebe Club$40.00 per yard
Bebe ClubBebe Club$40.00 per yardBertaBerta$16.98 per yardBertaBerta$16.98 per yardBlakelyBlakely$30.00 per yardBlancheBlanche$45.00 per yard
BlossomBlossom$30.00 per yardBlytheBlythe$30.00 per yardBondiBondi$10.98 per yardBonnieBonnie$45.00 per yardBrendaBrenda$45.00 per yard
BristolBristol$40.00 per yardBuckleBuckle$35.00 per yardCareyCarey$35.00 per yardCareyCarey$35.00 per yardCarmenCarmen$35.00 per yard
Casablanca Geo Blue Natural Woven FabricCasablanca Geo$25.00 per yardCasablanca GeoCasablanca Geo$25.00 per yardCathyCathy$35.00 per yardClaremontClaremont$25.00 per yardConiferConifer$50.00 per yard
ContourContour$25.00 per yardContourContour$25.00 per yardCoraleeCoralee$25.00 per yardCoraleeCoralee$25.00 per yardCrazy P7794Crazy P7794$41.25 per yard
Cross SectionCross Section$19.98 per yardDakota 18300Dakota 18300$55.00 per yardDakota 18300Dakota 18300$55.00 per yardDalbert 7100Dalbert 7100$50.00 per yardDale 17900Dale 17900$55.00 per yard
DanaDana$40.00 per yardDay Trip EmbroideredDay Trip Embroidered$37.50 per yardEbanEban$25.00 per yardEcho 33866Echo 33866$40.00 per yardEleganceElegance$45.00 per yard
EleganceElegance$45.00 per yardEngagingEngaging$45.00 per yardEnhanceEnhance$14.98 per yardEphesus 33872Ephesus 33872$40.00 per yardEtherealEthereal$35.00 per yard
EtherealEthereal$35.00 per yardEtherealEthereal$35.00 per yardFlowFlow$35.00 per yardFrame OutFrame Out$35.00 per yardGaviotaGaviota$35.00 per yard
GenteelGenteel$45.00 per yardGenteelGenteel$45.00 per yardGeometric SquareGeometric Square$35.00 per yardGodiva 26581Godiva 26581$35.00 per yardGoviotaGoviota$17.50 per yard
Gucci BX 4980Gucci BX 4980$37.50 per yardHardingHarding$35.00 per yardHeather WX4865Heather WX4865$35.00 per yardIris Fret ODIris Fret OD$45.00 per yardJamboreeJamboree$26.25 per yard
JeweledJeweled$50.00 per yardJeweledJeweled$50.00 per yardJoanna P8118Joanna P8118$45.00 per yardJulianJulian$17.50 per yardKai CottonKai Cotton$16.50 per yard
KangarooKangaroo$10.98 per yardKimberKimber$35.00 per yardKindredKindred$33.75 per yardLayhew TwillLayhew Twill$14.98 per yardLibertyLiberty$33.75 per yard
LibertyLiberty$45.00 per yardLibertyLiberty$45.00 per yardLibertyLiberty$45.00 per yardLimitlessLimitless$17.50 per yardLimitlessLimitless$35.00 per yard
LoganLogan$29.98 per yardLoganLogan$29.98 per yardMake it RainMake it Rain$20.00 per yardMake it RainMake it Rain$20.00 per yardMake WavesMake Waves$19.98 per yard
Mandara 25862Mandara 25862$45.00 per yardMarvelousMarvelous$45.00 per yardMerging LanesMerging Lanes$45.00 per yardMod CrazeMod Craze$35.00 per yardMortonMorton$20.00 per yard
Neron 24740Neron 24740$35.00 per yardNeron 26494Neron 26494$35.00 per yardNeron 26494Neron 26494$35.00 per yardNeron 26494Neron 26494$35.00 per yardNeron 26494Neron 26494$35.00 per yard

Geometric fabrics are very popular in home design trends today. From the funky to traditional, geometric fabrics cover a broad spectrum of design expression. With colors ranging from bright neon to subdued naturals, geometric fabrics are great for all area of the home including: drapery, upholstery, pillows and bedding.