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Total Result: 235

AdelaAdela$24.98 per yardAdelaAdela$24.98 per yardAdelaAdela$24.98 per yardAdeleAdele$35.00 per yardAlfonsoAlfonso$24.98 per yard
AlfonsoAlfonso$24.98 per yardAlfonsoAlfonso$24.98 per yardAnalaAnala$45.00 per yardAntibes DamaskAntibes Damask$35.00 per yardArethaAretha$50.00 per yard
Aria ToileAria Toile$24.98 per yardAria ToileAria Toile$24.98 per yardArielleArielle$35.00 per yardArielleArielle$35.00 per yardArvin Y4384Arvin Y4384$65.00 per yard
AvalonAvalon$26.25 per yardAvalonAvalon$35.00 per yardAvalon ToileAvalon Toile$29.98 per yardAvalon ToileAvalon Toile$29.98 per yardBali S UNIBali S UNI$75.00 per yard
BarrettBarrett$24.98 per yardBellisBellis$35.00 per yardBellisaBellisa$30.00 per yardBetulaBetula$35.00 per yardBeulahBeulah$24.98 per yard
BeulahBeulah$24.98 per yardBeulahBeulah$24.98 per yardBlissful BouquetBlissful Bouquet$24.98 per yardBlossom FestivalBlossom Festival$35.00 per yardBosporusBosporus$19.98 per yard
BosporusBosporus$19.98 per yardBosporusBosporus$19.98 per yardBrandyBrandy$24.98 per yardBrandyBrandy$24.98 per yardBurgos BX4925Burgos BX4925$50.00 per yard
CasablancaCasablanca$35.00 per yardCasablancaCasablanca$35.00 per yardCeleneCelene$35.00 per yardCelosiaCelosia$40.00 per yardCelosiaCelosia$30.00 per yard
CelosiaCelosia$30.00 per yardCliftonClifton$45.00 per yardCottinghamCottingham$26.25 per yardCourtneyCourtney$24.98 per yardDeane Emb.Deane Emb.$45.00 per yard
DiamantesDiamantes$45.00 per yardDream CatcherDream Catcher$35.00 per yardDream CatcherDream Catcher$17.50 per yardDream CatcherDream Catcher$35.00 per yardDuneDune$19.98 per yard
DuneDune$19.98 per yardEarnshawEarnshaw$15.00 per yardEasy Does ItEasy Does It$40.00 per yardEasy Does ItEasy Does It$40.00 per yardEasy Does ItEasy Does It$30.00 per yard
Emperio BX4900Emperio BX4900$55.00 per yardEnflorEnflor$40.00 per yardErringtonErrington$35.00 per yardFabiusFabius$45.00 per yardFaded MemoriesFaded Memories$29.98 per yard
Fair Trade HarFair Trade Har$21.98 per yardFair Trade HarFair Trade Har$21.98 per yardFarisFaris$24.98 per yardFiorettoFioretto$35.00 per yardFlorabunda Blue Green Floral Print FabricFlorabunda$24.98 per yard
FlorabundaFlorabunda$18.73 per yardFloral StripeFloral Stripe$35.00 per yardFlorida BotanicalFlorida Botanical$24.98 per yardFlorida BotanicalFlorida Botanical$24.98 per yardFlorida BotanicalFlorida Botanical$24.98 per yard
Frame OutFrame Out$35.00 per yardFrostedFrosted$48.75 per yardGandhaliGandhali$30.00 per yardGandhaliGandhali$40.00 per yardGlenda 2Glenda 2$24.98 per yard
Global Style MEGlobal Style ME$22.50 per yardHammond MNATHammond MNAT$29.98 per yardHeathcliffHeathcliff$20.00 per yardHeathcliffHeathcliff$30.00 per yardHeavy LinenHeavy Linen$21.98 per yard
HermosaHermosa$60.00 per yardHermosaHermosa$60.00 per yardJalenJalen$50.00 per yardJAQ 341 StonewashJAQ 341 Stonewash$75.00 per yardJAQ438JAQ438$65.00 per yard
JAQ438JAQ438$65.00 per yardJAQ438JAQ438$65.00 per yardJAQ438JAQ438$65.00 per yardJardinJardin$55.00 per yardJardinJardin$55.00 per yard
Jet SetterJet Setter$22.50 per yardJet SetterJet Setter$35.00 per yardJet SetterJet Setter$26.25 per yardJoseyJosey$29.98 per yardJoseyJosey$29.98 per yard
JoseyJosey$29.98 per yardJuliana-FlaxeJuliana-Flaxe$29.98 per yardKalenKalen$50.00 per yardKandaceKandace$35.00 per yardKedara 21040Kedara 21040$35.00 per yard

Linen is a durable, elegant, and refined fabric, and has 2 to 3 times the strength of cotton. The neutral palette that linen is grown in is a favorite and right on trend with the ever popular earth toned colors that dominate modern design principles.