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FreddieFreddie$25.00 per yardGenitaGenita$35.00 per yardGenitaGenita$35.00 per yardGenitaGenita$35.00 per yardGenitaGenita$35.00 per yard
GenitaGenita$35.00 per yardGenitaGenita$35.00 per yardGertrudeGertrude$35.00 per yardGertrudeGertrude$35.00 per yardGertrudeGertrude$40.00 per yard
GleefulGleeful$35.00 per yardGloryGlory$40.00 per yardGloryGlory$40.00 per yardGoldenGolden$26.25 per yardGraceGrace$35.00 per yard
GuennaGuenna$40.00 per yardGuennaGuenna$40.00 per yardHandcraftHandcraft$30.00 per yardHandcraftHandcraft$30.00 per yardHandcraftHandcraft$30.00 per yard

Solid fabrics come in a large variety of colors, texture, and materials. From Burlap, Canvas, Casements, Chenilles, Chintz, Crepes, Crushed, Denims, Dobbies, Eyelets ,Flannels, Gauzes, Herringbones, Jacquards, Lace, Linens, Matalasse, Mohairs, Moires, Ottomans, Poly Taffetas, Poplins, Raffias, Sateens, Sheers, Suedes, Textures, Tweeds, Twills, Velvets, and Vinyl we have you covered.