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    Shop Geometric Fabrics by the Yard

    Geometric fabrics are perfect for adding a modern and dynamic touch to any space or wardrobe. Featuring bold patterns such as stripes, chevrons, and abstract shapes, our collection at Lewis & Sheron Textiles offers a variety of colors and materials to inspire your next design project.


    Landric $55/yard
    Landric $55/yard
    Talman Blanket $35/yard
    Mazel $55/yard
    Mazel $55/yard
    Conley $40/yard
    Imbert $35/yard
    Imbert $35/yard
    Rushford $50/yard
    Fermince $55/yard
    Kiva $45/yard
    Kiva $45/yard
    Zeno $65/yard
    Shamia $45/yard
    Solita $35/yard
    Nino 47500 $55/yard
    Jassi 7037-A $40/yard
    Chiram $85/yard
    Danit $30/yard
    Danit $30/yard
    Teraj $55/yard
    Motega $45/yard
    Vedis BK3300 $85/yard
    Beaman $50/yard
    Codi $35/yard
    Graham $35/yard
    Moe $30/yard
    Moe $30/yard
    Moe $30/yard
    Jenna $50/yard
    Coleman $45/yard
    Oswin $55/yard
    Oswin $55/yard
    Oceanus $45/yard
    Gideon $35/yard
    Goodwyn $45/yard
    Calie $55/yard
    Elie $25/yard
    Elie $25/yard
    Makeda $24.98/yard
    Tibbot $40/yard
    02615-T $45/yard
    Theorem $15/yard
    Sidone 24792 $56.25/yard
    Rhodes $26.25/yard
    Nuri $26.25/yard

    Features of Geometric Fabric

    Dynamic Patterns: From simple grids to complex abstract designs, our geometric fabrics come in a range of eye-catching patterns.

    Color Diversity: Available in a spectrum of colors from neutral tones to bold hues, suitable for any design palette.

    Versatile Applications: Ideal for upholstery, window treatments, fashion, and decorative accessories.

    Applications of Geometric Fabric

    Upholstered Furniture: Reupholster sofas, armchairs, or dining chairs in geometric fabric to create visually striking pieces that stand out in any room.

    Accent Walls: Use geometric fabric as wall coverings to add a bold focal point to a room, either by framing sections of fabric as art or using it to cover entire wall panels.

    Window Treatments: Incorporate geometric patterns in curtains or blinds to add a modern twist to windows, balancing light and privacy with style.

    Bedding and Headboards: Apply geometric fabric to headboards or create custom duvets and pillowcases for a coordinated, contemporary bedroom look.

    Floor Cushions and Poufs: Cover floor cushions or poufs in vibrant geometric patterns to add functional, stylish seating options in living rooms or media rooms.

    Table Accessories: Craft table runners, placemats, and napkins from geometric fabric to enliven dining or coffee tables with a touch of modern aesthetics.

    Common Questions About Geometric Fabric

    Our collection features a variety of patterns, including hexagons, diamonds, and tessellations, each providing a unique aesthetic.

    Yes, select geometric fabrics are designed for outdoor use, featuring enhanced durability and resistance to the elements.

    Care instructions vary by material, but generally, most geometric fabrics can be machine-washed on gentle cycles or hand-washed to preserve color and pattern integrity.

    Most of our online items are in stock at our store (unless noted as "Backordered" on the detail page) and will ship immediately to you, arriving in 3 -10 business days.  When a fabric is back-ordered from the mill, please allow 2-3 weeks from the date of your order for your fabric to reach you unless otherwise noted on the detail page. Complete shipping policies here.

    Yes, you can order swatches for $2.00 each. These sample orders are shipped free via First Class US mail unless you upgrade to Priority Mail for a charge of $5.95.  Sample orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays will not be shipped until Monday or Tuesday.

    Since 1944, we are proud to offer the worlds finest home fabrics, artisan crafted American furniture, gorgeous trimmings, real Belgian linens and heirloom quality hand-made rugs. Also Atlanta's best reupholstery and draperies!

    We do not carry apparel fabric, although, we have had customers use some of our fabrics to make beautiful clothes.

    Once your fabric has been cut, we can not accept returns. In the off chance there's a flaw in your fabric we will find a way to make it right, usually with a replacement fabric or a store credit. Samples are completely non-refundable.

    Feel free to Contact Us if you have any unanswered questions!