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    Ikat fabric is celebrated for its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, created through a traditional dyeing process that involves resist dyeing the threads before weaving. At Lewis & Sheron Textiles, we offer a diverse range of Ikat fabrics that bring global elegance and a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to any project.

    Paiton $40/yard
    Paiton $40/yard
    Godfrey $60/yard
    Amon $30/yard
    Sandorley $65/yard

    Features of Ikat Fabric

    Unique Patterns: Each piece of Ikat is unique, featuring blurred or sharp patterns that are inherent to the resist-dyeing process.

    Vibrant Colors: Our Ikat fabrics come in a variety of bold and subtle color schemes, suitable for different styles and preferences.

    Cultural Heritage: Ikat is a symbol of tradition and skill, making it a meaningful choice for projects that value cultural richness.

    Applications of Ikat Fabric

    Upholstered Furniture: Reupholster sofas, chairs, or ottomans with Ikat fabric to introduce an eye-catching, worldly charm to any room. This fabric works particularly well on statement pieces that act as the centerpiece of the space.

    Canopy Beds: Drape Ikat fabric over canopy bed frames to introduce an exotic and luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom, transforming an ordinary bed into a stunning retreat.

    Upholstery for Bench Seating: Cover entryway or dining benches with Ikat fabric to add a burst of color and pattern, welcoming guests with a unique style statement.

    Lampshades: Re-cover lampshades with Ikat fabric to add a subtle artisanal touch to lighting, infusing rooms with a warm, diffused light that highlights the fabric’s patterns.

    Chair Cushions: Update the look of kitchen or dining chairs with Ikat cushions, providing comfort and style that revitalizes old furniture pieces.

    Common Questions About Ikat Fabric

    Ikat is known for its "blurry" appearance, a result of the complex dyeing process where the warp or weft threads are dyed before weaving.

    Yes, Ikat fabrics are generally woven tightly and can be quite durable, making them suitable for upholstery and everyday use.

    Care for Ikat depends on the fiber content. Most should be dry-cleaned to preserve the color and pattern integrity, though some cotton Ikats can be gently washed.

    Most of our online items are in stock at our store (unless noted as "Backordered" on the detail page) and will ship immediately to you, arriving in 3 -10 business days.  When a fabric is back-ordered from the mill, please allow 2-3 weeks from the date of your order for your fabric to reach you unless otherwise noted on the detail page. Complete shipping policies here.

    Yes, you can order swatches for $2.00 each. These sample orders are shipped free via First Class US mail unless you upgrade to Priority Mail for a charge of $5.95.  Sample orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays will not be shipped until Monday or Tuesday.

    Since 1944, we are proud to offer the worlds finest home fabrics, artisan crafted American furniture, gorgeous trimmings, real Belgian linens and heirloom quality hand-made rugs. Also Atlanta's best reupholstery and draperies!

    We do not carry apparel fabric, although, we have had customers use some of our fabrics to make beautiful clothes.

    Once your fabric has been cut, we can not accept returns. In the off chance there's a flaw in your fabric we will find a way to make it right, usually with a replacement fabric or a store credit. Samples are completely non-refundable.

    Feel free to Contact Us if you have any unanswered questions!