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    Libeco Home

    We are very proud to offer you exclusive access to the finest authentic Belgian linens from Libeco Home.

    - Incredible pillows and gorgeous high-end throws.
    - Sumptuous bedding including duvet covers, shams, and the very best linen
       sheets on the planet.
    - Upholstery and drapery available as wide as 120 inches!


    Key attributes of Belgian linen bedding that will truly improve your quality of life:

    - naturally antimicrobial without harmful chemicals
    - naturally hypo-allergenic: breathe deep in your sleep
    - thermoregulating: Flax fiber has hollow structure fibers that breathe and
       make it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
    - moisture absorbent: The hollow core of flax fibers absorbs moisture well;
       our linen fabrics can absorb up to 20% of their own weight in water!
    - long lasting- long staple fibers have a high tensile strength, creating fabrics
       that stand up to wear and last a lifetime
    - flax is hardy and naturally pest-resistant, requiring virtually no plant-
       protection products to grow, which results in cleaner products for your

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