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    Shop Animal Print Fabrics by the Yard

    Embrace the call of the wild with our diverse selection of animal print fabrics. From classic leopard spots to exotic zebra stripes, Lewis & Sheron Textiles offers high-quality materials that capture the essence of nature's most intriguing patterns, perfect for a variety of design projects.

    Tajuan $45/yard
    Hauk $40/yard
    Maalik $85/yard
    Maalik $85/yard
    Sabino $35/yard
    Kumari $35/yard
    Kumari $35/yard
    Dunley $75/yard
    Octavis $75/yard
    Sovann $85/yard
    Nimrod $85/yard
    Fatima $65/yard
    Akela $85/yard
    Hosea $65/yard
    Seeley $55/yard
    Seeley $55/yard
    Trixie $65/yard
    Trixie $65/yard
    Coulter $40/yard
    Cuba $24.98/yard
    Cuba $24.98/yard
    Cheri $55/yard
    Cheri $55/yard
    Lia $75/yard
    Bosley $50/yard
    Bosley $50/yard
    Dale $85/yard
    Taner $45/yard
    Mona $45/yard
    Spreckley $75/yard
    Spreckley $75/yard
    Katlyn $21.98/yard
    Octavis $65/yard
    Waterfall $40/yard
    Raina OS063 $35/yard
    Beng Tide $35/yard
    Antelope $40/yard

    Features of Animal Print Fabrics

    Vivid Patterns: Each fabric features bold, realistic animal prints that add a dynamic visual appeal to any space.

    High-Quality Materials: Choose from silk, velvet, cotton, and synthetics, all durable and designed for both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting use.

    Versatile Use: Ideal for upholstery, drapery, and fashion accessories, providing endless opportunities for creativity.

    Applications of Animal Print Fabric

    Fashion Design: Create eye-catching garments and accessories that stand out in any wardrobe.

    Home Decor: Use for upholstering furniture, making throw pillows, or as dramatic window treatments to make any room pop.

    Sofas and Couches: Animal print can transform a simple sofa into an eye-catching statement piece, adding a touch of wild elegance to the living area.

    Accent Chairs: Utilizing animal print on an accent chair infuses a room with a dramatic flair, making it a central focus of the decor.

    Ottomans and Footstools: Covered in animal print, these pieces become both functional and decorative, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to any space.

    Throw Pillows: Animal print pillows introduce a layer of visual interest and texture, enhancing other furniture without overwhelming the decor.

    Headboards: A headboard upholstered in animal print fabric can serve as a bold backdrop in a bedroom, pairing well with both subdued and vibrant bedding.

    Chaise Lounges: Animal print on a chaise lounge offers a luxurious, indulgent feel, perfect for creating a personal retreat within a home.

    Common Questions About Animal Print Fabrics

    Select fabrics are suitable for outdoor use, featuring enhanced durability and weather resistance.

    Most animal print fabrics should be spot cleaned or professionally cleaned, though some cotton prints can be machine washed gently.

    Our collection includes leopard, tiger, zebra, and snake prints, among others, each offering a unique flair.

    Most of our online items are in stock at our store (unless noted as "Backordered" on the detail page) and will ship immediately to you, arriving in 3 -10 business days.  When a fabric is back-ordered from the mill, please allow 2-3 weeks from the date of your order for your fabric to reach you unless otherwise noted on the detail page. Complete shipping policies here.

    Yes, you can order swatches for $2.00 each. These sample orders are shipped free via First Class US mail unless you upgrade to Priority Mail for a charge of $5.95.  Sample orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays will not be shipped until Monday or Tuesday.

    Since 1944, we are proud to offer the worlds finest home fabrics, artisan crafted American furniture, gorgeous trimmings, real Belgian linens and heirloom quality hand-made rugs. Also Atlanta's best reupholstery and draperies!

    We do not carry apparel fabric, although, we have had customers use some of our fabrics to make beautiful clothes.

    Once your fabric has been cut, we can not accept returns. In the off chance there's a flaw in your fabric we will find a way to make it right, usually with a replacement fabric or a store credit. Samples are completely non-refundable.

    Feel free to Contact Us if you have any unanswered questions!