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    Our Story: Over 75 Years of Creating Beauty

    Lewis and Sheron Textiles is a four generation, American owned and operated textile company located in the Upper Westside of Atlanta. Founded in 1944, our name and reputation have been forged the hard way, and with that dedication we have built lifelong relationships with the community, our suppliers, and the thriving Atlanta design trade.  We are proud to offer the world’s finest home fabrics, artisan crafted American upholstered furniture, Belgian linen fabrics, bedding, pillows and throws, gorgeous trimmings, and heirloom quality hand-knotted rugs and don't forget, Atlanta’s best workroom services: expert Reupholstery and gorgeous Draperies!


    It all began over seventy years ago in downtown Atlanta when Harry Lewis started Lewis Textiles on Pryor Street.  A man of love and charisma, he was known as the “Mayor of Pryor Street”.   He started selling dressmaker fabrics at a time when people made their clothes because they couldn’t afford to buy them and there were no mass production clothing stores.  Their motto at the time was “A woman who sews, has more clothes”.  Over decades of hard work, Harry grew the business to 30 small stores throughout Georgia.  Harry had 2 sons, Bernie and Chic, and a daughter, Marian, who all worked in the business.  Marian married an angel of a man, Alec Sheron, who became integral in the survival and longevity of the business.  Marian and Alec’s son Larry grew up in the business and in 1980, he and his wife Bobbi took over the operation.

    As mass production clothing stores came about, Larry saw that the fabric industry was heading toward home products and away from apparel.  In 1986, Larry and Bobbi decided to close all the small stores and open one singular location with a focus on fine fabrics for the home.  At the new location, they started with about 15,000 square feet and wondered how they were ever going to fill it all up.  As it happens though, Larry’s vision worked out and over the span of his ownership, that same store grew from 15,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet and expanded its product line to include furniture, linens, trimmings, and rugs.

    Showroom building

    Lewis Textiles: Circa 1968

    The company is now on its fourth generation with Larry and Bobbi’s children, Sam and Stacey.  The duo literally grew up on bolts of fabric and have since taken leadership roles in the company.  They make a great team, with Sam running the day to day operations & technology, and Stacey as the genius Creative Director.  Together they continue the legacy of their ancestors with a true love of interior design and the desire to create beautiful homes for all.  Lewis and Sheron continue to provide family-style service, premium quality products, and the passion that has sustained them for over 75 years. 

    In the latest chapter of our hallowed history we have upgraded our showroom of 35 years to a Brand New, purpose-built Design Center!  Taking all we have learned over the generations, we have completely changed the way you design your home.  The incredible new concept has shaken the industry and we are very proud to welcome you to our new home so come see us soon to feel the love, get inspired, and decorate your dream spaces!